Willing to see how WebFlow Adapter performs in your environment ? To check how it is working - for real - and if it can fulfill your requirements ?

WebFlow Adapter Free Trial

The easiest way to create real-time Web Services

Build up from simple solutions up to extremely complex applications:
  • Anonymization,
  • Online Advertisement,
  • Traffic tracking,
  • Access control,
  • Web Application firewall,
  • And much more...
WebFlow Adapter is provided with a ready-to-use set of applications including Web Filtering, Access control page and inline Notification system.

The L3WS WebFlowAdapter trial version is fully functional and offers every feature of the product for you to test-drive. The product comes with fully functional examples, showing you some potential applications: injection of a custom enriched banner into pages, URL filtering, Content Filtering, etc.

L3WS WebFlowAdapter Trial

L3WS WebFlowAdapter is an easy, affordable way to analyse, filter and enrich Web traffic through an open developement API. By providing an embedded development framework, WebFlowAdapter can be used for simple usages up to extremely complex applications: HTTP anonymization, tracking, access control filters, mashup services, Business oriented Application firewall, ...

What makes WebFlowAdapter unique is that any code modification is applied in real time, while providing an excellent performance level. You can in that way easily build up, test and improve your services, then decide to use the result in a production environment. Interfaced with HTTP proxies like Squid or Bluecoat SG, it runs transparently in the network and does not require any specific modification on end-user devices. In that way, it provides therefore multi-OS and cross-browser support.

WebFlowAdapter supports Java language per default, but can be also be extended to support other scripting languages: Ecmascript, Ruby and Python. Providing a web based interface, it tries to be as user-friendly as possible, with a strong focus on performances that makes it usable from early prototyping stages up to production environment.

Using standardised ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation protocol, see RFC 3507, WebFlowAdapter can be used on merely any platform and has already been successfully deployed with several ICAP clients: Squid 3.0, Bluecoat ProxySG, Network Appliance Netcache and more.
Using our application, you can create your Web filtering an enrichment applications in minutes, and the use of standard languages like Java gives you endless capabilities.