What is the versioning scheme used with WebFlowAdapter ?

WebFlowAdapter versions are using the following numbering schemes: the version number is composed as "A.B.C", where:
  • the number A denoted the major release of the software;
  • the number B denoted the major revision of the software;
  • the number C indicated the minor revision of the software.
Thus, the number A will only evolves following major modification of the core software code, generating compatibility issues with previous versions. Changes in the number B traduces important changes within the code, while maintaining compatibility with versions releases having the same A number.

The number C corresponds to minor enhancement to the software, as well as bug fixes.

When purchasing a WebFlowAdapter license, which versions am I eligible for ?

When purchasing a WebFlowAdapter license, this license grant you use of a specific major revision of the software and its associated updates.
According to the versioning scheme applied on WebFlowAdapter (see question above), the license will be valid for a release A.B and its associated minor revisions.

For example, if you purchase license for WebFlowAdapter release 1.0, you will have access to releases 1.0.0 up to 1.0.x.
Releases with another major revision, like 1.2.0, will therefore require you to purchase a new license for it.

Do you provide a price discount for first-time customers or multiple licenses purchase ?

Our prices are firm and no discount is applied when purchasing multiple licenses.
However, specific pricing can be established if you enter in one of the following category:
  • Registered L3WS customer willing to purchase licenses in volume (starting at 10 licenses)
  • Governmental organization
  • Recognized public-interest and non-profit organization
  • Academic or Public research organization
For Academic / Non-profit organization, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must be an authorized representative for your educational institute or non-profit organization.
  • Your email address must be assigned to you by educational institute or non-profit organization.
  • You must be an active employee, staff, of faculty member of your institution or non-profit organization.
  • On your research report(s), you must state WebFlowAdapter and l3ws.com as the Tool used to conduct your research.

We have an issue with a service running over WebFlowAdapter. What can you do for me ?

WebFlowAdapter comes with several examples amongst which banner insertion, landing page, ...
We are improving the set of examples provided with WebFlowAdapter over time, according to the remarks and suggestions of our customers.

However, please note that these are "example" scripts, and they are only intended to help you taking the product in hand and to evaluate its capabilities. Our support is restricted to the WebFlowAdapter core product by itself, and while providing advices and help on how to perform generic tasks with it, we cannot guarantee nor support the custom applications developed over WebFlowAdapter.

Do you provide 24x7 support and/or phone support ?

No, we do not provide 24x7 support, neither phone call assistance.
L3WS activity is limited to WebflowAdapter software editing/licensing, so please note that we only provide help and support regarding WebflowAdapter sofware by itself (installation and software use).
We therefore do not provide consulting, on-demand development, architectures studies and help/support with third-parties components or related environments.
L3WS support team can be contacted by emails, and will process support requests according to their severity in the shortest possible delay. While our average response time is one business day, we do not provide any legal engagement nor contractual agreement (SLA) on it.

Our company would like to use WebFlowAdapter for a big new project. How can we ensure that it will be supported in the long term ?

WebflowAdapter ICAP Server can be purchased along with its source code. This option, called "Corporate License with Source Code", gives you access to:
  • An Organization-wide license allowing you to use an unlimited number of WebflowAdapter instances within your organization;
  • An encrypted version of WebFlowAdapter (fully commented, compilable) source code;
  • and your personal decryption key.
The source code is personalized and encrypted with a different key for each user.
This allows to find the source of a leak if the source code is released outside of the organization which has paid for it.

Please note that this is not a transfer of Copyrights ownership – this is a non-transferable source code license granting insured users internal use only.

So, whatever happens, companys purchasing an Corporate License with Source Code will have secured their access to WebFlowAdapter's source code, responding to the need of securing long-term projects.

My trial version of WebflowAdapter suddenly stops, requiering to restart the server to work again.

Your trial license is most probably expired, or WebflowAdapter binary code might have been modified. If you are still using WebflowAdapter after expiration date (whatever the mean to circumvent trial period), you will encounter random issues with WebFlowAdapter (errors, performance drop, ...). Please consider in that case purchasing a software license.

However, if you are encountering such issue with a valid license, and without any modification made on the WebflowAdapter software, please contact L3WS support who will proceed to investigation with the highest priority.