General overview

WebFlow Adapter is a ICAP server allowing you to transparently intercept, filter and manipulate HTTP traffic on the fly. Interfaced or embedded with an HTTP proxy, it runs as a network component and does not require any specific software on end-user devices. In that way, it provides therefore multi-OS and cross-browser support.

WebFlow monitoring and real time dashboard What makes WebFlowAdapter ICAP server unique is its real time development interface, which allows to create services with unrivaled simplicity. Through this interface, WebFlowAdapter acts as a white box and allows you to create new applications in an endless manner. Willing to create specific notification service for your users, to link HTTP analysis to your legacy authentication system, to filter traffic using complex rules ? WebFlowAdapter is the right solution for that.

WebFlowAdapter ICAP server supports Java as default language for services creation, but is also shipped with following scripting languages: JavaScript, Ruby and Python. The services development interface provides you a complete control on how to process HTTP messages, and which operations to perform on it. You can therefore decide to process traffic depending on the requested URLs, the type of exchanges (GET, POST, only 302 responses, ...), the type of objects (text, images, ...), the size of the message, etc.

Online services editor Through a high quality web based interface, it is as user-friendly as possible, while providing a high level performance that makes it usable from early prototyping stages up to production environment. A dashboard resumes the current solution state, presenting you an overall view on the product behavior: traffic load, processing time per service, last events.

A service Event panel allows you to generate your own events onto the dashboard. This capability is useful if you want for example to raise alarms on your own criteria, or to report and follow up custom events: time a custom modification is made, custom counters, etc.


WebFlow Adapter can be used on merely any platform and is successfully deployed with several ICAP clients: Squid 3.0, Bluecoat ProxySG, Network Appliance Netcache and more.

Main features of WebFlow Adapter are:

WebFlow Adapter Real time statistics   WebFlow Adapter configuration and administration panel