About Us

L3WS (Layer3 Web Systems) is a collaborative company build on top of GreasySpoon software, an Innovative ICAP server which was released in 2008 and adopted by more than 3,000 users worldwide including 2 of the biggest telecom companies in USA and Europe.

Initially started as an open-source project, GreasySpoon software was finally abandoned because of the lack of support from its community and non-compliant usages of its Affero GPL license. Following the end of open-source project, L3WS was founded to follow up on this work, while rewarding the developers who joined L3WS.

This work led to the release of WebFlowAdapter software in 2012. Since then, L3WS has managed to improved this technology to a professional level, offering an unmatched performance and easiness level for Web traffic adaptation.

L3WS experience, backed by high-skilled experts, allows you to benefit from the quality and functionality you need, as well as a solution with operator-level performance to adapt the end-user Web experience.