WebFlow Adapter™ Prices

Edge License Server License Enterprise License Enterprise License with Source Code
Usage Single license Organization-wide license
Simultaneous Transactions 100 tps Unlimited [1]
Packaging Linux DEB and RPM packages (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RedHat, ...)
Trial version - -
Script Languages
  • Java 7
  • Ecmascript v1.6
  • Jruby v1.6
  • Jython v2.5
License price[2]
490€ 1490€ Ask for quotation
Maintenance [3] First year included in license price.
30% of the Standard Retail Price per year after.
Payment method PayPal PayPal PayPal
Banking transfer
Contact us
[1] Maximum performance will depend on the server's hardware
[2] VAT Non applicable, art. 293 B of CGI. France. Prices subject to change without prior notice

How To Purchase

To ensure your complete satisfaction with our product, a free trial period will be systematically applied before a sale, allowing you to ensure the suitability of the product for your needs. If, after this trial period, you decide to purchase a license, the payment of the software license is irrevocable and you have no recourse to get a refund of all or part of the fees paid.
All solutions require a valid License Key for activation. Once a license has been purchased, it allows you to activate software on your server. Trial license can be provided for free in order to evaluate WebFlow Adapter. Please note that licenses can be purchased online using Paypal for Edge and Server licenses, or using International Bank Transfer for Enterprise Licenses. Please create an account to access to download and online purchase, or contact Sales to request a quotation or submit a Purchase Order on Enterprise license.


Perpetual License

Purchased license provides you a permanent software license for the released version you are buying. "Perpetual" means that your license will not be limited in time, and does not involve any recurrent fees. License is tied to the specific hardware of the server hosting the software, either physical or virtual, and cannot be used on another device. When purchasing a license, please ensure that you are installing it on the definitive hardware you want to use, as it will not work on another equipment.

License Types

L3WS WebFlow Adapter is available under two different versions, Edge or Server, making it possible to choose the most appropriate for a given project.
The Edge edition is limited to 100 HTTP transactions per second, and therefore adapted for small to medium deployment environments (like a WI-FI access point) and for small to medium companies creating services that are directly applicable to their customers or employees.
The Server edition provides you the best performances, making it adapted to big companies or for a B2B or B2B2C approach. Please note that the Server Edition performance is directly tied up to the hardware capacities of the server it is installed on, and to the complexity of the services you are setting up (see requirements).

For both product's versions, License Agreement allows you to use WebFlowAdapter on a single physical or virtual server or workstation. Product purchase entitles you to a single License Key, which will enable the deployment of WebFlow Adapter application over a unique device. Under exceptional conditions (hardware failure, etc.), L3WS might accept to renew your license. This possibility will be offered no more than 2 times, and only during the first year following product purchase.

Enterprise License

For enterprises wondering to use an important number of WebFlowAdapter server instances, a dedicated Enterprise license is available. Enterprise license allows you to install and activate an unrestricted number of WebFlowAdapter intances within your corporate network with the sole restriction that WebFlowAdapter instances cannot be resold to third-parties (either directly or as SaaS).

An additional offer is available with the Enterprise license with source code, which allows large companies to inspect and eventually modify WebFlowAdapter software. Would you be interested in one of these two solutions, please contact us in order to know if you are eligible and to get a quotation.

Maintenance and Updates[3]

By purchasing a software license, you will also have access to the maintenance releases associated to the purchased version and made available to customers through L3WS’s Resource Center. Maintenance access is valid for 1 (one) year following the purchase of WebFlowAdapter license.
L3WS shall be under no obligation to provide any updates, enhancements, modifications, revisions, or additions to the Software.