GreasySpoon service is developed in Java, and is packaged with all required libraries. Therefore, requirements should be the following:

  • Any Linux/Windows server with Java JRE 1.6.x runtime environment for GreasySpoon installation
  • A Web proxy with ICAP 1.0 support like Squid 3.x

Following features must be installed before starting GreasySpoon installation:

Following naming convention will be used in following chapters:
  • $javapath: JRE 1.6 installation directory
  • $ipaddr: server IP address on which GreasySpoon will be installed
  • $gs: greasyspoon service installation directory
  • $proxyip: LAN/Corporate web proxy IP address that should be used for outgoing flows (if any)
  • $proxyport: LAN/Corporate web proxy port that should be used for outgoing flows (if any)
Please ensure that all parameters are known before starting installation.

Quick Installation steps
  1. Download and unzip/untar latest greasyspoon package on sourceforge and copy it in desired directory.

  2. untar/unzip greasyspoon package greasyspoon-[version].tar.gz

  3. edit "greasyspoon" startup script and update JAVA_HOME variable accordingly to server locale:

  4. If needed, update execution rights of greasyspoon:

    chmod u+x $gs/greasyspoon
  5. If you have a proxy to reach internet and For javascripts requiring web access and if GreasySpoon service is installed behind web proxies, configure proxyhost and proxyport parameters in file ./conf/icapserver.conf and uncomment/configure following parameters:
    proxyhost $proxyip
    proxyport $proxyport
Starting GreasySpoon
Under Linux
  • As greasyspoon user or as root, run the greasyspoon script:
    $gs/greasyspoon start

  • Greasyspoon script supports the standard switches under Linux:
    start | stop | reload | restart | status

Under Windows
  • To run GreasySpoon in background
    • cd $gs
    • javaw.exe –jar icapserver.jar
  • To run GreasySpoon in foreground
    • $gs/greasyspoon.bat